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No Child of Mine

something in the dark is starting to whisper
The line between the two of them felt blurry, as if over the years the paint had bled, and
No Child of Mine_Cover.jpeg

Essie doesn’t believe in ghosts. She’s in her final year of law school. She’s married to her high school sweetheart. And they’ve just bought their first house. But then she finds out she is pregnant, something she never wanted. As her difficult pregnancy transforms her body and life into something foreign to her, the house begins to whisper. Her husband spends long nights pacing and weeping in the attic while she dreams of betrayal and smoke.  


Several centuries earlier, two young women, Isabel and Ana,  exchange love letters in secret, as they try to make space for themselves in a world where their lives and bodies belong to their husbands.  


As Essie’s pregnancy progresses, both her and her husband’s lives warp into the echoes of Isabel and Ana’s story. A tragic love story that has haunted Essie's family for centuries, leaving single mothers and heartbreak in its wake.  


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